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Hear from our photographers who have used Dina’s Facebook Ads Training:
“The Secret Sauce Program”

Kati Corzo

Monroe, GA

I started end of May…immediately got 15 leads…got on 11 calls and booked every single lead! I’ve worked with other agencies, other people who did my Facebook ads for me & would only get 1-2 bookings a month…I went from almost shutting down to thriving…I’ve made over $60k with the Secret Sauce…2023 is going to be amazing. I just turned my ads on after the 1st and immediately got 15 leads…this has been a life changing experience for me!"

Patti Reed

St. Petersburg, Florida

"I'm so grateful for Dina and her team...I I'm 66 and was on Social Security...last year I made $ 2022 before the Secret Sauce I made $9k...After the Secret Sauce I booked 7 sessions at $400 in 1 week...then made over $50k in just 4 months...."

Samantha Dittmann Struemph
Warrenton, Missouri

"I'm about 4 months in using the Secret Sauce. The walk throughs and videos are super easy to follow and offer great advice…the Momentum Member’s Only group is amazing….I already have 7 clients booked and they are all very excited about being a part of my boudoir campaign....I can’t wait to see what 2023 bring..."

Becky Nichols

Saint Marys, West Virginia

"I just had 7 clients book!!! I've used what I've been learning inside the Secret Sauce and made $7k in the last 5 hours!!!...I'm so excited...I can't wait to see how this will explode. It's going to be bigger than I ever thought!!!..."

Sue Halliburton

Sparks, Nevada

"I had Dina and her team create my landing page...I had leads like really does helped me reach over $350k last year..."

Tammy Davison

Bolton, Massachusetts

"I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20  years. Single mom with 5 kids 8 and under…I was struggling…I tried everything…groupons, every genre…moved across country and had to start over…I saw Dina’s program and thought, ‘she’s good at marketing and it’s all laid out for you’ the ads…the wording…people are now contacting ME! $105k for 2022!! The impact you can have on your clients is even more than the money I’m making…"

LuAnn Warner-Prokos

Delray Beach, Florida

"I was struggling to come out of the pandemic…I needed an infusion of ideas…I signed up for the Done-For-You VIP…right away I loved Dina and her team….I learned from Dina and her no-nonsense approach…I doubled my income last year and will double that this year…now that I know how to create campaigns, I will incorporate more ideas this  year…."

Brooke Preece
San Diego, CA

"I found Dina after my business went to zero during the pandemic and thought, this will be my ticket…I bought the program, but didn’t work on it…I’d never done Facebook ads, but finally implemented and followed the steps…everything is outlined…you get all the exact steps…the most incredible thing is the clients you will meet. Dina teaches you how to get a much broader reach than you would get by networking…if you’re on the fence…definitely do the Secret Sauce for yourself…you won’t regret it…

Heather Pugh

Rockmart, GA

"I just started....the best thing is how the course offers a firm structure. I've been implementing what I'm learning and already seeing changes and results..."

Bobby Jo Brooks

Atlanta, Georgia

"Dina and her team have been very patient with me and fabulous along the way. My first sale using the program was $2900.."

Michelle Hayes

La Mesa, California

" I was pleasantly surprised how this worked to create such a deep connection between me and my clients. It fills my heart that I have something like this."

Jennifer Hatton

Coco Beach, Florida

"With the marketing skills you gain from the Secret Sauce you can basically  work from anywhere and really get your life back.."

Sarah Waters

Portland, Oregon

"Before the Secret Sauce...I didn't have a consistent way to bring in leads....I needed the right words to bring them in."

Kara Dodge

Noblesville Indiana

"My sales average has gone up exponentially. I had my first 2k portrait sale which I didn’t even know was possible!."

Kate Plummer

Noblesville, IN

"The Secret Sauce has reigniting my passion for empowering women...we've launched our campaign...have been running our ad for 24 hours and already have 9 leads!!!"

If you’re wondering if the Secret Sauce works for men, listen below!

Devin Dahlgren

Portland, Oregon

"Because of Dina, I have a business…I knew how to photograph clients well, but didn’t know how to bring them in the door… I was living off of savings…I was really scared…I ran across your ad…Rick helped me understand how I could invest in your program and make back that investment back quickly….then had 4 back to back $10k months…Dina I hope to see you so I can give you a hug…your program has been the most effective I’ve done of many…

Marcel Roshto
Glendale, AZ

"I spent $5 or 6$K on other mentors...I was skeptical and thought this would be too good to be true...this has been the best decision of my life. I'm charging 5x what I did before. This is changing my life."

Gary Walens

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

"All of the photographers I asked said the Secret Sauce increased their business dramatically. I find the program very motivational, which is exactly what I needed."


Amber Bond

Ottawa, Canada

I had lost my passion…I finally gave myself permission to invest in myself. I decided to mentor with Dina and her team. These people know what they’re doing…it is an understatement to say it’s been life changing…it’s invaluable information. I kick myself every day for not investing in myself sooner…I think every photographer should do this program…you’re worth it…money aside…this confidence I have in myself [from this program] is priceless…I’m in the right place now because of Dina and the Secret Sauce…."

Paulina Sobczak

United Kingdom

"Average sales 2890...Dina I've never had sales of 10,890 (in a month) this would not be possible if it weren't for you....and I'm so happy.

I'm a single mom of two kids. I'm so happy I've had these sales. Next year I want to get to 200,00,00. I want to the meantime, I'm making the money in this studio apartment."

Carla Morgado

Milton, Ontario

"The Secret Sauce has saved me...I had gone through a rough time...I hopped on a call with Rick...I wanted the same support...Dina and her team have helped me get unstuck...I've now had a $20k month...I'm so proud of what I'm creating and now receiving so much more than money in return...thank you Dina..."

50s, 60s, 70s++ ?

Tracey Pettis

San Rafael, California

"I’ve gotten over 250 leads since the beginning of the year and have reached my first $10,000 month using the Secret Sauce."

Deborah Welsh

Martinez, California

"I’ve been a professional photographer for over 30 years…my business wasn’t where I wanted it to be. …what the Secret Sauce provides is the best support…Dina and the team are there for me…it’s a connection I have never felt with other mentors…the leads are off the hook…any photographer needing a mentor…highly recommend…"

Patti Reed

St. Petersburg, Florida

"I'm so grateful for Dina and her team...I I'm 66 and was on Social Security...last year I made $ 2022 before the Secret Sauce I made $9k...After the Secret Sauce I booked 7 sessions at $400 in 1 week...then made over $50k in just 4 months...."

Paige Burris

"A year ago I was laid off and it was the best thing that happened...I jumped in to the Secret Sauce and within a couple days had 13 leads...every woman was magical...I'm grateful to Dina for providing the exact blueprint...She will help you, too!"

Karen Reading

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"With the confidence that Dina has given me, I’ve been able to grow my business, get a studio and find consistency."

Andrea Fine

Arroyo Grande, CA

"My sales average has gone up exponentially. I had my first 2k portrait sale which I didn’t even know was possible!."


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