You Could Make an extra 30k in the next 90 days Guaranteed?

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Real stories from some of the first 500 photographers

Does This Sound Familiar?

“Where on earth will I find my next client?”

“I’ve built a beautiful portfolio of portraits and I’m so ready to serve luxury clients. But where are they? How do I get them in the door?!”

“I love being a photographer and I’m passionate about it. But will I ever make enough money from this? Or am I just kidding myself?”

“I’ve already invested a lot in my business. But I’m still not getting results. Was it a huge mistake? How do I justify all this cash I’ve spent on my business?”

“I’m not confident enough to charge more. What if my clients realize that my competitors charge less? I can’t afford to lose them.”

“I can’t do this anymore! I’m doing all the client calls, bookkeeping, editing, cleaning the studio, organizing my gear, sending emails, posting on socials, marketing, advertising, aaagh!…Is this really how it’s supposed to be?

"Dina does indeed have the secret sauce. Im only on day 4 and literally drowning in leads from the campaign.

Also, Dina is so easy to worn with and goes above and beyond to give you 1:1 attention. Her staff too, is top notch.

I would buy this program one thousand times over.

I'm a new photographer, just getting started, so if this can work for me, pretty sure anyone can have great results."



"I started getting leads immediately after Dina helped me create my sales funnel. Better yet, they are most perfect, ideal clients!"

"This program seriously exceeded my expectations in every way.

I would work with Dina again in a heartbeat."





“Always thankful to Dina Mande for showing us the way to successful advertising on FB. Before the pandemic, I had booked 27 shoots from an ad that only ran for 3 days!

On June 14, my studio finally reopened, and all those shoots got shifted to the summer months. But let me tell you, it only takes one of the leads to funnel you into your correct demographic!

My first client since the shutdown told her friends, which led to over 20 leads,

12 of them booked within the week! It’s crazy busy at my studio.”




Knew that you could book new high ticket clients and have $10k, $15k, $20k++ months while working with your perfect, most ideal DREAM clients?

Had a steady stream of client leads whenever you wanted, so you could be picky about who you wanted to work with and say NO to everyone else confidently? - because you knew you would never run out of leads.

Woke up with your email inbox full of inquiries from people reaching out to work with you - instead of you chasing after them... every single day?

Were happy looking at your bank account at the end of each month - knowing that you could pay your bills, save for the rainy days, and live a comfortable life with your family?

Enjoyed more balance in your life without sacrificing your relationships or your mental health?

Do these sound like the dream that you envisioned when you decided to make money with your insanely good photography skills?



Hi, I'm Dina, and here’s how I went from zero to overflowing leads...

But first, a quick intro.

I'm the founder of the Next Level Photographers and the creator of the Secret Sauce Campaign Method, which has now helped transform the lives and businesses of over 500 photographers all over the world.

I'm also a filmmaker, a commercial director, and a portrait and boudoir photographer based in Paso Robles, California.

When I started my portrait studio in 2017, I was just like most photographers. I truly struggled to get clients in the door...until I figured out Facebook ads.

And during 2020 (Covid times) I decided to grow my mentoring and coaching business and dove in headfirst.

Guess what?

The unbelievable happened.

I went from zero leads to needing to shut my ads off because I had clients literally chasing ME to work with them...instead of the other way around. Talk about living the dream!

Now, whenever I need more leads, I turn my ads on and I get booked up...and so do the photographers who work with me

If You Were Reading This Thinking...

“How Does Dina Know What's Keeping Me Up at Night?!”

That’s because…

I was once like you.

Started my own professional photography business…

Bought some high-tech gear and stunning props…

Rented a fancy studio in the heart of town…

But all of the enthusiasm slowly dropped off when

I struggled with leads and sales for months and months.

What’s worse is…

I didn’t have a clear backup plan.

Here’s My Little Secret…

You don’t need to spend the next several years making mistakes and figuring it out on your own.

All you need is a customized strategy


a step-by-step procedure to help you implement the proven systems that will allow you to position yourself as a luxury brand photographer and finally level up into being a

6-figure business owner.

I can show you exactly HOW.

This is why I created…



It’s a 90 day coaching program for photographers who want to get portrait and boudoir clients regularly and automatically using campaigns and ads.

This is for you if you want to fill your calendar, your bank accounts,

and your hearts with clients you’re dreaming about working with.

Ready to go from crickets to cash flow?

The Secret Sauce Campaign Method



My course will guide you to:

Identify Your Dream Clients And Learn How To Reach Them

You can do this effectively using Facebook Ads which allow you to book your calendar solid.

Exhibit your work like a pro so that your future clients can't resist booking your next session.

Get your leads warmed up by giving them value, and eventually convert them to clients using your Facebook VIP Group.

Learn how to create irresistible offers so you can build a six-figure studio!

Learn to Grow Your Audience and Email List

If you're not constantly nurturing and growing your email list, you're missing out on GOLD!

Learn how to set up your system so that you can use your email list to present your juicy offers to clients.

Discover the power of email marketing and reap its promise of getting 42x ROI by understanding the foundations of high-converting emails that resonate with your audience.

Exhibit Your Work & Let It Do The Talking

You will learn how to find the perfect venue, create a budget, charge for entry, sell your clients even more wall art, and then book their friends and referrals!

This is a game-changer for the visibility of both your studio and your beautiful pieces of art.

Every single week, you'll be on Zoom for Group Coaching, to ensure you’re on track and aligned with your bigger goals. Talk about proactive accountability!

Supercharge Your Bookings And Sell More With Your Vip Group

Now you can create a powerful movement around your work!

There are tons of ways for you to make money out of your Facebook group.

You are going to learn the most effective one yet for your specific target audience.

Engage with your audience directly through inspired posts and show them that they are seen, felt, and heard.

Create FOMO by showing off your beautiful work and some valuable BTS.

Now you can create a powerful movement around your work!

There are tons of ways for you to make money out of your Facebook group.

You are going to learn the most effective one yet for your specific target audience.

Engage with your audience directly through inspired posts and show them that they are seen, felt, and heard.

Create FOMO by showing off your beautiful work and some valuable BTS.


Because I want to make marketing super easy for you…

You’ll also get some BONUS MARKETING MATERIALS that you can customize to your heart’s content.

These include magazine templates, accordion templates,

business card templates, logos

and so much more


…because running ads is our jam

You can use my ads to build your incredible team.

Yep, I’m serious!

Hire your makeup artist, photo assistant, studio manager, or whoever, so that you can finally focus on your genius zone — scaling your biz to six figures.

Roslyn Made Over $3800 in Session Fees Alone

in Her First Four Weeks.

Watch the video and steal her secret.

Find out how these women have been living their best lives since joining the program


Weekly Coaching Calls

Each week I host coaching calls where you can ask me anything about your campaign or ads. Sign up for one on one time to go over your specific question or just listen and learn from others.

Daily Tech Calls

Hop on zoom with my team every weekday to troubleshoot your tech issues. We've built landing pages, automation and all the tech things and can help debug your system with you LIVE.

Global Community

My Members Only group is a fantastic way to reach out to peers in my program to brainstorm, find answers together and support each other.

No-Risk "Make $30K in the 90 Days" Guarantee

This program is guaranteed to help portrait photographers generate leads for their business and supercharge sales. It has done wonders in the lives of my students and it can bring you the same results.

If you go through the course, follow my steps to a tee and don't generate an additional $30k in your business in the next 90 days, my team and I will work 1:1 with you until you do AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Just show your completed work to unlock additional time and support.

I want to make this investment risk-free for you.

Life Before the

Secret Sauce


You feel overwhelmed, confused, and exhausted with your business - because you’re working too hard and not making nearly enough money!


Even though you’re burning the candle at both ends, you’re not making any meaningful progress in your business.


You have trouble focusing on your business - and find yourself getting distracted four times a minute!


You’ve invested too much money into your website, social media, and all the fancy bells and whistles - but your back end is a whole raging dumpster fire!


You desperately need more bookings to keep going - and you’ve no idea where they’re going to come from.


You’re frequently getting burned out, dropping the ball on paying clients, and feeling exhausted all the time!

Life After the

Secret Sauce


You’ll be implementing a clear, efficient plan for growing a sustainable and profitable business!


You’ll be charging premium rates to clients who absolutely adore you - and they’ll be blown away by your incredible experience!


You’ll be laser-focussed on the most important tasks (while automating everything else).


Your back-end systems will be on-point - and supporting your premium client experience, all day everyday!


You’ll have bookings and sales calls coming into your calendar - every single week - and you’ll be able to say no to clients

who aren’t a good fit!


You’ll be well-rested and have the freedom to enjoy your success - while being fully prepared to deliver a mind-blowing experience to your clients.


“I’ve spent money on other mentors and I gained nothing. How will it be different this time?”

Results are guaranteed here.

“I'm so busy, I can't even begin to think of sitting through a bunch of boring videos.”

I got you! All my training is step-by-step and immediately implementable!

"What if it doesn't work?"

If it's worked for over 500 photographers, it will work for you, too. Promise!

"I can watch some YouTube videos and figure out Facebook ads and campaigns on my own"

Nope, sorry. What I teach is completely unique and you won't find it anywhere else!

I totally get it.

You’re overwhelmed by all the things you need to do and frustrated because your current business strategy isn’t giving you enough results.

But the good news is…

You don’t HAVE TO do more!

I’m here to show you how to do LESS and earn MORE - by delegating and automating all the busywork.

All you need is an ALIGNED, SCALABLE BUSINESS MODEL that can get you to 6 figures - because you can have new client leads pronto!

That’s why I created

The Secret Sauce Campaign Method

The most extensive 90 day coaching program for photographers who want to…


Watch their bank accounts soar by doing what they love,

without getting burned out in the process!


Learn exactly how to get leads coming in on autopilot

and take action without getting overwhelmed.


Create rock-solid back-end systems +

a scalable business model - that frees up

more time for vacations, puppy cuddles, or date night!


Enjoy the process of building authority +

a community that contributes to long-term results!

… and do all of it without taking years to figure it out alone or getting lost along the way!

You’ve come to the right place.


If you’ve read this far, there’s a really good chance that you’re a passionate, sincere, and talented service provider who wants to provide the best experience for your clients.

If that’s you - you’re in luck.

Your best clients are sensitive, discerning people who actively seek out premium service providers, because they don’t just want a deliverable.

They want an experience that’s better than what’s out there - and they deserve to have it.

In this program, I’ll show you how to understand your clients’ expectations, blow them out of the water and keep growing a high-end service business - so that you can live your dreams while also making your clients' dreams come true.

There’s no better time for you to position yourself as a luxury service provider than NOW.


The 90 day coaching program for photographers who

want to get consistent leads and fill their calendars, their bank accounts, and their hearts.

Apply Now!

We’re excited to see if you’re a good fit to work with us in the program.

If you’re ready to stop tearing your hair out - and start following a simple, predictable framework for building a wildly profitable photography business -


Apply now and you’ll hear from our team within

the next few days. We can’t wait to meet you!

That’s exactly what the Secret Sauce campaign method is all about -


There’s ZERO fluff in the program - only strategies and support that you need to succeed in your business AND thrive in your personal life.

You’re in the right place (finally) - so don’t wait any longer!

These could be you in the next few days…

…if you take action now.

WAIT!!! You need to hear this…

Did you know that people, in general, don’t like being sold to, which is why some ads flop?

Unfortunately, those people include your target audience.

But when used correctly, FB ads are a gold mine. Module 1 will show you the ins and outs of FB ads and how you can efficiently run ads that generate real results.

Now you can set up ads your audience will love and rave about.

Know nothing about running a Facebook group and making it profitable?

I got you!

Module 4 will show you all the nitty-gritty of setting up a Facebook group, plus you’ll learn who to invite and how to invite and appeal to those people.

Learn what to post and when to post, because duh, you want to keep your audience engaged all the time, don’t you?

Facts: follow-up emails are a huge part of making a sale. Wait, what? Emails are not your thing?

I’ve got you covered.

Modules 2 and 3 provide gems where you’ll learn how to send emails - from bookings to follow-ups and asking for feedback.

Now you can send only the emails that your recipient wants to open and respond to. All it takes are a few clicks, easy peasy!

I know you’re the jill-of-all-trades, so who has time to make scripts?

Steal mine!

My complete booking scripts are waiting for you in Module 2. Now you can close premium clients right on the phone anytime you want. Ready to make that money rain?

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These talented photographers can’t stop raving about the

Secret Sauce Campaign Method

There’s ZERO fluff in the program - only strategies and support that you need to succeed in your business AND thrive in your personal life.

You’re in the right place (finally) - so don’t wait any longer!

Still on the fence? I heard you say…

“Okay...this is interesting. But how do I know if I’m the right fit for this program?”

OK, real talk… this program is NOT for everyone.

As much as we’d love to support every photographer, we have to be picky about who we accept into the program.

Our number one priority is to ensure that our existing community of clients is protected and supported in the best possible way - so we hold high standards around integrity, customer service, and personal responsibility for new clients.

With that out of the way, here’s a basic list of requirements for our program. If you fit the bill, we’d love to have you join us!

This Program Is

Right for You If …


You’ve built a portfolio that you love...(or sessions for at least a few clients.) I've seen this work with only one good session to show!


You WANT to deliver a high-value, luxury experience to clients - and do a great job for them!


You have (or want to have) at least a $2,000 average sale and want (or need to) make at least $120k/year.


You’re willing to take personal responsibility for your results in this program (and we won’t be your babysitter in this process).


You actively want a sustainable and profitable photography business - and you’re willing to do what it takes


You’re ready to invest time, money and energy into our business - and you’re serious about having a business (not a hobby).


You’re willing to be valuable for the community, bring positive energy and a spirit of community over competition.

This Program Is *Not*

Right for You If …


You are not willing to take responsibility for your results.


You don’t want to do the work to grow your business.


You want a space where you can complain and moan about how nothing is working for you.


You don’t want a community of smart, committed, talented photographers on the same path.


You don’t care about delivering a high-value experience to clients!


You’re looking for a quick fix to solve all your problems.


You’re not ready to invest at least 2 hours a week to your business.


You won't do the work, won't show up to calls and won't ask questions if you get stuck. (Don't be that person!)


If you’re losing hope and wanting to give up on your business…


You can have overflowing leads ready at your disposal anytime.

“I Don’t Have Enough Time..”

I totally get it - most of our clients are busy and overwhelmed when they come to us.

The good news is: we’re all about doing LESS but doing right things - and automating everything else. With our done-for-you templates and resources - you’ll be reducing your workload AND increasing your income!

Talk about a win-win!

“I’m Scared of Making the Investment”

I hear ya! That’s exactly why the program is set up to help you get a full ROI on the program investment - with just 2-3 new clients. (YES!)

Most of our clients are able to accomplish this within the first 60 days of the program - so they’re well on their way to make 10X-25X the investment (or more) within 1 year!

“I Don’t Feel Confident in Myself”

The thing about confidence is: you don’t get it by sitting at home and meditating on it. Confidence comes from action.

That’s why we have weekly support systems in place to show you exactly what you need to work on - and give you guidance when you’re stuck.

By getting started and seeing initial results, you’ll feel confident right away - and that positive momentum builds on itself and delivers compounding effects.

The key is to get started now - knowing that confidence will follow shortly!

“I Don’t Have All My Ducks in a Row Yet...”

Perfectionism can be the killer of dreams. Perfectionists think they need everything to be “just right” before they can start charging premium rates. This is NOT true!

As long as you have the ability to get the job done - you can go ahead, design high-end experiences, and start profiting from delivering them.

If you choose to invest in adding advanced systems and tools at a later stage, that’s totally fine, but you don’t need to right now. Stay focused on what actually moves you forward.

Right now, you’re left with two choices...

Jump In or Wait

Let’s face it...YOU WILL NEVER “BE READY.” No one is ever “READY” when they’re taking a big dang leap to change for the better.

They jump in with their heart - because they know they need to jump. They know that staying in the same place, and doing the same things, will only lead to the same results.

Yes, you can start next year - but after a year of the pandemic, can you guarantee that you’ll be in a better place next year? No, none of us can.

Starting now means that you’ll be able to:


Have a photography business you love - running in a profitable and sustainable way - by this time next month!


Make meaningful connections with your clients that make them want to rave about you to all their friends and family!


Consistently attract the best clients at premium prices - and book them more easily!


Skyrocket your income - without increasing your workload.

If you wait, in 3, 6, or 12 months you’ll be in a very similar place to where you are now.

You’ll wish you had started today!

Professional Photographers who need clients,
Here's Your Application Form:

Note: This is only for professional PORTRAIT photographers (not event, landscape, etc. You must photograph people.) If you are not a professional with a body of work, this is not for you, please exit this page.